News Overview

News - Quest 2 Pro is now avaialble he Quest 2 Pro is a relatively new headset that has similar features as the Quest 2 but now inlcludes eye and face tracking. It also has significantly better pass-through capability.

News - OpenVR is now avaialble OpenVR is a plug-in for Unity that allows the XR manager to communicate with the OpenVR system. This allows for communication with SteamVR based components such as the HTC Vive or the Valve Index.

News - Quest 2 is now avaialble and can be purchased online. The oculus brand is now part of Facebook, so if you want to use the Quest 2 you have to have or create a Meta account.

News - Unity's XR Interaction toolkit is now included with Unity. Prior to the release of this toolkit, when creating VR experiences in Unity, you had to choose how you were going to interface with the Virtual Reality Hardware. Now for basic interactions with tracked controllers the included XR Interaction toolkit will allow you to write one version of the code that will work with both SteamVR (vive, index etc) and Oculus hardware systems.