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Alan Jones

Alan Jones
Associate Chair
Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis
SL 260J
723 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 274-9709
Fax: (317)-274-9744
Email: alsjones@iupui.edu

Research Overview

Currently my research has moved into Engineering Education with two main areas of research. The first area is in alternative instructional methods. Initially this involved incorporating more technology into the classroom and providing instantaneous feedback to students, but has moved on to more experiential learning of engineering science topics. The second main area is utilizing Virtual Reality for engineering laboratory experiences. Conceptually, students will be able to learn laboratory topics through virtual reality environments with similar learning outcomes.

An ongoing research interest is in rapid fabrication techniques and improving material performance through development of composite systems. Modern additive manufacturing processes, i.e. metal 3D printing, combined with healing or non-healing polymer layers results in very tough and resistant materials.

Over the years I have worked in what may seem like many different topics. But generally my research involved experimental mechanics with a common theme of characterizing and modeling material degradation or creating materials that react and change their properties due to external loads or environments.